Who gets Yardio?

Those of us who spend more than a reasonable amount of time in the garden.

We can’t resist weeding or deadheading – anywhere.  We attempt physical feats that defy physics like loading a 4-seater car with 8-footer trees. We get handy by thatching the roof of our iron gazebo just to “soften it up” …and competitive, by arriving early and ready to fight for that old moss-laden birdbath at the estate sale. Don’t get me started on flower shows or silent auctions where horticulture is involved.

The downside to such a lifestyle? The flats of plants (on sale!) not planted before frost, a compost pile too big to turn, or discovering despite three coats of $80/ gallon rubber paint, your fish pond still leaks.

The upside? A growing acceptance of  progress, not perfection. Being happy at whatever was done, because it’s never All Done. At  day’s end, a surge of gardendorphins at having made a difference this one day, one place. It’ standing in the shower, watching the grass and dirt swirling down the drain while your accomplishments and the bird serenades never do. And “can’t waiting” to get with it again.